tips for self-care

Tips for Self-Care

Do you spend enough time looking after your own needs? Are you spending a good proportion of your life looking after others, working or simply existing? Then you need to learn about the world of self-care. A fantastic movement to help you look after your emotional, physical and mental well-being. Self-Care is so important because without looking after yourself your health begins to suffer so taking steps to ensure you are working at your best is so important. Let’s talk about some tips for self-care and what you can do to help yourself feel good.

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Why Self-Care is Important

So why exactly is self-care so important? If you are a typical person your life is spent juggling work, family, relationships, hobbies and just existing. During a typical working week, many people barely do more than get up, go to work, come home and eat dinner and go to bed. You can feel like you are on a treadmill and becomes so exhausted and tired that there is little time for much else. Then at the weekend you play catch up and have to rush around washing, cleaning, shopping and before you know it you are back on Monday morning waiting for the whole routine to run on repeat.

When you live like this it can have a profound impact on how you feel. Physically you will have lower energy levels, you may have problems sleeping from the stress and your body starts to get out of shape as all you can do is sit in front of the TV in the evening and zone out. Mentally the stress and the lack of “me” time starts to take its toll. Your moods can start to fluctuate, you may start to suffer from anxiety and your stress levels will rise.

The self-care tips that we are going to talk about are designed to help you step off the treadmill and find some joy in life whilst helping you to feel better emotionally and physically. If you don’t do this at some point you are storing up problems for the future. We all have our breaking point and without taking time to take care of your health you are going to have problems.

Self-Care Routine

We are all different which means there is no one size fits all self-care routine. Single people with time on their hands may have a few hours every day in which to do something for themselves whilst others may only be able to have a few hours each week to prioritise their needs. What you should do is look at your lifestyle and ask do you want to make changes? If so what can you do to claw back some time for yourself?

Equally what you do as part of your routine will depend on your interests, what is affordable and what is accessible. Just because one person loves pamper nights doesn’t everyone else has to as well. It does, however, make sense to try if you can to find some time out each day, each week and each month to do something for yourself. Here is just a simple example of tips for self-care that you can add into your routines if you want. Download your own copy to print out and use at home as a reminder to take time out to take care of yourself.

Tips for Self-care

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Daily Self-Care

In your daily self-care routine, you may decide that every morning you are going to spend the first half-hour in peace. Perhaps meditating or reading whilst you get yourself ready for a busy day. Maybe you promise yourself that every day you will take your full lunch break and take time out from work. When you get home you may want to take a walk or do some gardening to have a change of scene. Finally, in the evening you could watch your favourite TV show or practice a hobby that you love.

Daily self-care should revolve around the essential things you need to do every single day to take good care of yourself. Taking your medication, for example, may not be hugely interesting but it is a necessity and it has to be prioritised to keep you well.

Here are some simple things you could start today:

Improve your sleep by using This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which thousands of people are raving about.

Help your mental health by journaling every day. This is a great tool to help you sleep as well by getting everything out on paper instead of keeping it in your head. Try the Let That Sh*t Go Journal to really get rid of all the stuff that is keeping your mind occupied on things it shouldn’t be bothering about.

Order a self-care subscription box and treat yourself to goodies to help you pamper yourself and wind down. It is the perfect gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

Weekly Ways to Help Yourself Feel Better

On a weekly basis, you might decide to go to the gym or swim at least three times. You might decide that you are now declaring a particular day of the week your self-care day. During that day you take time away from everything and visit somewhere new or catch up with a friend or take a long bath. Fill the day with things you love.

The important thing with weekly self-care is that you create regular routines to fit in the essentials that you think are necessary to give you your best life. So if you feel going to the gym helps you physically and mentally then you need to add your sessions to your diary and commit to taking that time to feel better.

How about using an exercise bike during the week to keep your fit and burn off any excess adrenaline?

If you want to try something gentler how about getting yourself this Clever Yoga Kit to help you stay supple? Yoga is not only great for the body it can also help your mental health.

Monthly Self-Care

On a monthly basis, you might decide you want to learn something new and take a class. Or perhaps you practise some arts and crafts. Every month you might prefer a cinema trip, a night out in a restaurant or even a massage. Make your monthly self-care moments a treat that you really savour. These might be self-care ideas that you couldn’t possibly do all the time but make a change from your standard well-being needs.

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Self-Care Mental Health

These tips for self-care can have a positive impact on your mental health. We all have universal needs that need to be met but when something is out of balance in our lives is can start to impact your emotions. As an example, if you are running around all week and feeling stressed at work as well as at home you are going to eventually get anxiety. There is a tipping point and when you push yourself too far big problems start.

Running on empty and feeling as if you have no time to yourself and nothing to look forward to can also impact your moods and cause depression. When depression sets it life starts to seem pointless, your energy levels drop and the job disappears from your life. Using self-care can help you to create a balance in your life to stop mental health problems starting

Self-Care Tips for Anxiety

One of the absolute best things you can do if you do suffer from anxiety is to take time out to relax. Anxiety is increased by stress so the more you have of it in your life the worse your condition becomes. Learn to switch off, relax and de-stress every day and your background levels of stress start to drop and so does your anxiety.

Our self-hypnosis for anxiety download program has been designed to help you manage stress and to teach you to relax, even if you are suffering from panic disorder. There are five guided meditations in our anxiety audio program so all you need to do is pick one to listen to when you are taking time out. Each one lasts for around half an hour so they are perfect to add into your daily self-care routine. Just choose the audio most suitable and lie back and relax and allow your mind to drift. Eventually, you should find it starts to switch off and allow you to enter a deep state of calm. Our sleep hypnosis download which is part of the pack can be used to help you drift off to sleep.

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Self-Care Therapy Sessions

When your life feels out of balance there are plenty of self-help resources out there to help you feel better but what about if you need additional help. We don’t always have to work out everything on our own and reaching out to a professional can be a great way to fast-track results and see perspectives that we don’t always consider. At Rewire the Mind we help our clients to feel more positive, change unhelpful behaviours and generally take care of themselves.

Currently, we help clients address issues with confidence, anxiety, insomnia, food problems, addictions and so much more. You can from our online courses and programs or alternatively, you can arrange one to one sessions with a therapist to help you make positive change. So if you need a little more than tips for self-care contact using the form below and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular needs and what we can do to help.

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