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Trading Hypnosis – 40 Ways It Can Make You A Better Trader

Trading hypnosis is a unique form of hypnotherapy that is used by traders to help improve their performance in their chosen financial market. It can help people to overcome psychological barriers to success such as anxiety, self-doubt, and negative beliefs, and increase confidence and resilience. I also use it to help my clients develop a more positive mindset which is crucial when you need to run a successful trading book.

My form of hypnosis for trading is highly unusual in that it marries psychological techniques with real-world experience. In my former career, I used to be a senior trader in a huge energy company. I am probably unique because of my market knowledge, extensive real-world experience, and qualifications as a hypnotherapist and coach. I doubt if there are many people like me in the entire world which makes my client work highly specialist.

There is nothing more that I love doing than helping my trading clients achieve success but not all traders are aware of how hypnosis and coaching and mentoring can help them. Here are 40 reasons why hypnosis for trading might be something you want to try if you are feeling stuck or lack confidence in your abilities as a trader.

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Overcome Limiting Beliefs About Trading with Hypnosis

Ever heard of limiting beliefs? They are a set of thoughts held in the mind that restrict the way that you think and act. They are barriers to your success and in many cases, you might not even be aware that they are there at all.

Hypnosis is a great way of helping you to examine subconscious thought processes to see if you have old thought patterns which are holding you back. When you are more relaxed it is easier for a hypnotherapist to ask questions to find out what you really think and then to challenge any thoughts that might not be particularly helpful or useful.

Increase Confidence in Trading

As a trader, you need to have confidence in your ability to make money. If you have self-doubt or lack confidence it will prevent you from taking calculated risks and sometimes stop you in your tracks completely.

Confidence problems are linked to anxiety because it is a state of mind that makes you worry about making mistakes or looking foolish. When self-confidence is low our minds want us to stop doing the activity it perceives as troublesome which then hampers our ability to create success.

Hypnosis for confidence addresses the reasons for these thoughts and then helps you to challenge them so you can break free from old patterns of behavior.

Reduce Fear and Anxiety About Trading

Anxiety about trading is one of the number one reasons why people come to see me. They know they are not performing at the best of their ability because fear is stopping them from putting on trades or taking bigger risks.

Anxiety is usually a thought process that is learned from past embarrassments, upsets, or scary incidents. The brain doesn’t want you to experience the same issue again so it will try and prevent you from doing anything that might put you in similar situations. The problem is that if this protection mechanism can stop you from achieving success even when you have the capabilities and resources to deal with any problems as they arise.

Anxiety hypnosis can help you to rationalize the reasons for the problem so you can break free and take back control.

If you have problems with anxiety then I have an online course that you can use as a form of self-help to control your worries and fears. This is currently available to purchase today from my online store.

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Improve Decision-Making Skills

When you are a trader you need to make decisions all the time. Yet many traders feel overwhelmed or procrastinate and find that they don’t make any decisions at all.

As a former trader, I know how important it is to find opportunities and pounce on them when they arise. Nobody wants to miss the boat when the right trading conditions are there.

Equally, you need to know when not to do anything at all and not worry about that downtime. I usually coach traders to hone their skills so that they improve what they do and when they do it to make better profits.

Develop Patience in Trading

Most people are unaware that one of the most important things about trading is that there are often great portions of your days when you are doing nothing at all. You are waiting for the right market conditions to present themselves before taking any action.

Yet some traders feel like they need to be in the market all the time and this causes problems because invariably there are times when they should have stayed out and done nothing.

Hypnosis can help teach you patience and make you worry less about sitting and waiting. The long game is often better than leaping in when it isn’t necessary.

Use Hypnosis to Increase Focus and Concentration During Trading

When I traded great portions of my day were spent analyzing technical trends, watching live market screens and spotting glitches which could make me some money.

Doing this for long periods of time requires intense periods of focus and concentration. Hypnosis is a perfect tool to help with this because it is a state of focused relaxation. Learn how to use it and it can serve you well when it comes to studying the markets and learning when the right time is to place your trades.

Overcome Procrastination in Trading

Plenty of traders who have worked with me have experienced a problem with procrastination. In other words, they know they need to make some trades but because they worry about making mistakes they end up doing nothing at all.

This means that many of them will have spent days at a time watching perfect market conditions come and go without placing a trade. This is clearly frustrating and unhelpful.

Hypnosis can help you to trust in your judgment as well as help you create a framework to trade within. This helps to make you feel more secure in your abilities whilst making you take action that can bring you rewards.

Use my motivation hypnosis audio to help train your mind to take action and get things done.

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Develop Better Trading Habits and Routines

In order to be a successful trader you need to start creating good routines and habits that are going to help you to succeed.

Whether that is analyzing technical signals, assessing company data or figuring out better ways to manage your risk you need to systems that can help you make that happen. Trading hypnosis helps you to focus and hone in on areas where you can make a difference.

Creating routines so that you regularly do the background work can make a big difference to success or failure.

Increase Motivation to Trade

If someone ever tells you that trading is easy then they are lying. It takes time, money, energy, focus, and motivation to get results.

When you lack motivation it can be hard to do the things necessary to help you succeed. Hypnosis can help you to understand what might be preventing you from getting on and doing what you need to be doing. It can also help you to build your motivation and desire to succeed.

If you are in doubt about how this might work in the real world look to the sporting arena and see how great athletes are increasingly turning to coaches to up their game. There is no reason why traders or any other professionals can’t do the same.

Overcome Fear of Failure in Trading

A bit reason why many of my traders have problems is that they worry about failing. They fear looking stupid or it hurts their ego to not make successful trades.

However, the one thing I learned when I was a trader is that you will always fail in trading. Nobody apart from Bernie Madoff made money all the time and he only managed it because he was cooking the books. Every other trading firm knows that losses are part of the job.

The key to succeeding is to understand how to manage losses well and to be resilient when it feels like the market is against you.

Develop Better Risk Management Strategies

When I work with traders one of the things that I help them with is managing their risk. Many day traders don’t focus on this as much as they should do.

Knowing details about volatility, liquidity and where your risk lies means that you get to make better trades or get out of trades quickly when the market conditions change.

Risk management can help you to avoid substantial losses and should be an important part of any trading strategy.

Overcome Fear of Success in Trading

Believe it or not some people have a fear of success. The idea of making money or standing out in their chosen field can fill them with fear.

When you fear success you often put limitations on yourself which hampers your progress.

Hypnosis helps you to identify what may have created these fears and then helps you to find solutions to overcome them. When the artificial barriers you have put up are taken away it can make a big difference to your achievements.

Overcome Trading Addiction or Compulsive Behavior With Hypnosis

There is a darker side to trading and that is when people become addicted to their work or have compulsive behaviors that end up negatively impacting their life outside the trading world.

Trading can be all-consuming for people but when it is it can stop you from performing as well as you should.

Hypnotherapy can work with you to help balance your lifestyle so that you get the appropriate down-time to allow you to get a sense of perspective and relaxation. Relaxation is essential as it allows you vital time to regroup before resuming your work.

Improve Ability to Read Market Trends and Patterns

Ever heard the expression the trend is your friend? Knowing market trends and patterns can mean the difference between success and failure.

Coaching can help you to think about the signals that you need to know to help you trade better.

This can also be helped with the focus and concentration element that I talked about earlier.

You can also think about buying a book like Trading Price Action Trends by Al Brooks to learn some new strategies that you can use when you are following the market.

Develop a Positive Mindset Toward Trading

Mindset is important not just for trading but for many other areas of your life as well. Having the right mindset can help you to overcome obstacles so that you get the results you want. A negative mindset places barriers in your way and makes things ten times harder.

Mindset hypnosis helps to address why you have been putting those barriers there. Usually, this is done unconsciously because of events that you have experienced in the past. When you understand the reasons for old behaviors and know that they are no longer important it can dramatically change the way in which you think.

Overcome Past Trading Losses or Failures

Nobody likes to lose but it is part and parcel of life as a trader. The problem is that for some traders a loss can stop them in their tracks and make them worry about every future trade they want to put on. For some it makes them doubt their ability so much that it stops them in their tracks completely.

Learning how to deal with the rough as well as the smooth is a key part of any trader’s story.

Resilience training in conjunction with hypnosis is useful in these situations to help you to manage knocks to your profits and confidence so that you can bounce back bigger and better.

Increase Discipline in Trading

To trade well you need discipline which means you need to be sat at your desk working for long hours during the day to get the results you want.

The problem is however that day trading is often done at home and when you are out of the office environment it can be easy to become distracted or not show up as much as you should.

Coaching and hypnosis can help you to increase your motivation and your personal discipline so that you are willing to put in the necessary hours to get the result you want.

Overcome Emotional Eating and Drinking Related to Trading Stress

Whatever anyone says trading can be a stressful career and stress can have a knock-on impact on other areas of your life.

When stress hits it can impact your sleep, your eating and how much you drink as well. Negative addictive behaviors can sometimes be used as coping mechanisms or ways to switch off which is obviously detrimental to your health.

Stress management hypnosis together with tackling the emotional reasons behind the addiction can make a difference and change bad patterns of behavior to something more positive.

Overcome Negative Self-Talk Related to Trading

We all have a negative self-critical voice in our head which can put us down or knock our confidence and self-esteem. The problems begin when this voice stops doing this occasionally and starts to take over hampering our ability to create success.

Analytical hypnosis is often used to address the underlying reasons for this critical voice and to help clients challenge their thoughts so they can be replaced with something more useful.

Like a muscle, we need to exercise positive thoughts so that they begin to outweigh the negative.

Increase Self-Awareness of Personal Trading Style and Preferences

Self-awareness is hugely underrated. In fact, most of us have no awareness of why we do things in certain ways or think about certain situations from a particular perspective.

Trading hypnosis helps you to get to know yourself better and that includes your worst traits as well as some of your best ones.

Learning to understand your weaknesses isn’t a bad thing as it enables you to work on them or delegate if you need to someone else. Meanwhile when you understand your strengths you can do more of the same to replicate success.

Improve Emotional Regulation During Trading

Moving markets can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially in uncertain times. I should know I have traded through a gulf war and 9/11 which were hugely volatile times.

It can be easy to let your emotions get out of control when the markets are choppy but that is not going to help you make better trading decisions.

Hypnosis can help you to learn how to keep a cool calm head on your whilst everyone else is losing theirs. Believe me when I say that this is hugely important as when you are calmer you make better trades and have less stress.

Improve Time Management Skills Related to Trading

If you are disorganized it can have a detrimental impact on how well you perform in your work and in your private life which is why time management and organization skills are important to learn.

When you manage tasks more efficiently and don’t waste time doing unnecessary things it can make your productivity soar.

Time management is a skill that can easily be learned and is something that I regularly help my clients with.

Read 5 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management to find out why this underrated skill can make a big difference to the bottom line of your business.

Increase Resilience and Adaptability in Trading

Having a fixed mindset or perspective on events is never useful, particularly in a changing market. The fact is that traders need to be adaptable and make changes to their strategy sometimes incredibly quickly in order to survive.

Wars, economic events, weather and technology are ever-changing. In many cases, something will rock the markets that are totally unexpectedly and suddenly everything and everyone pivots to find a new way of working. If you don’t adapt you won’t survive.

Learning how to think on your feet when the world changes around you will mark you out for success and make it more likely that you will make money.

Improve Visualization Skills for Trading Success

Have you ever seen an elite sports star take a step back and visualize doing something before they do it? It is a great way of helping their mind to mentally rehearse what they want the outcome to be.

You can take the same approach and in the trading arena and imagine yourself staying calm when the market is moving or placing trades that give you the results you want.

I often teach my clients to do this using self-hypnosis which can be highly effective at helping them to create better habits and outcomes.

Develop a Trading Plan and Stick To It

To achieve your goals you need some sort of plan. If you don’t have one or strategies to make you win then you are going to run into problems.

Trading doesn’t mean just showing up and hoping and praying that things will work out well for you. You need to be calculated and analytical and have the numbers that tell you when to proceed and when to stop.

Hypnotherapists like myself work with their clients to help them formulate the best plans that they then stick to.

Overcome Boredom or Lack of Interest in Trading

Believe it or not, trading can become boring when you have done it for some time. It also can include lots of quiet moments where nothing much happens which can feel dull to some people.

When we are bored with an activity we can stop putting in effort and that has a negative impact on any results that you may be getting.

Hypnotherapy can help you to increase your enthusiasm for your work by helping you to find interest in

Improve Creativity and Innovative Thinking in Trading

Are you able to look at things from a different perspective than someone else? Can you come up with creative trading strategies that other people haven’t thought of?

Let hypnosis help you to tap into your creative side so that you can think out of the box.

Remember that you don’t have to follow the herd but can formulate new ways of doing things that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Improve Communication Skills Related to Trading

Traders work in many different types of environments. If you work on a trading floor then you may be part of a bigger team that works together on a strategy to increase profitability. In order for that relationship to work teamwork is key especially when markets are moving fast.

Learning to communicate well requires confidence and clarity which can be helped by therapy techniques.

Develop Positive Relationships With Other Traders

Whether you are working as part of a team or alone as a day trader you need to build good relationships with other people who are working in your profession.

Other traders can act as your mentors, your sounding boards and help you with general advice and information. Learning to develop these personal relationships can help you to improve your trading game and improve your profits.

Increase Attention to Detail in Trading

When it comes to trading attention to detail is important as without it you are going to make costly mistakes.

When I was a trader people would try and spoof the market by putting in numbers that were close to what you expected but with the decimal point in the wrong place to trick your mind. If you clicked on the trade you were going to be buying or selling something for considerably more or less than you wanted.

Hypnosis can help with concentration and focus and help you to take a step back before taking action so that you do things right the first time.

Develop a Growth Mindset Toward Trading

There are often two camps of people. Those who have a growth mindset and those whose thinking is more fixed. A growth mindset is always preferable as it helps with resilience and your ability to transform your own destiny.

Hypnotherapists like myself work with clients to help them develop their abilities so that they can improve what they are doing. This helps them to take on more difficult talks and take calculated risks.

When you have a growth mindset with trading you learn from your mistakes and improve by figuring out better ways of doing things. Whilst a person with a fixed mindset might crumble and give up because they have a mistaken belief that they are not capable of doing what needs to be done.

Read more about what a growth mindset is and how it can help you to success in this book by Joshua Moore and Helen Glasgow.

Improve Problem-Solving Skills Related to Trading

When we are stressed or anxious it can be more difficult to think clearly and competently. This means if you come up against a problem you are likely to get frustrated and annoyed and the issue will persist.

Trading hypnosis can help you to stay calmer and think more clearly so that you can resolve problems more quickly. It can also help you to think from a number of different perspectives rather than just from one point of view.

This is an essential skill as problems that need to be solved will always exist.

Increase Adaptability to Changing Market Conditions with Hypnotherapy

When I worked on the trading floor I knew that things could go from calm to mayhem in a matter of seconds. Big news stories in particular could transform the market from dull and quiet to frantic and volatile.

To handle the difference in pace at speed requires a calm head when all those around you are losing theirs. Learning to stay detached and unemotional is a skill that can be learned so that you make better decisions and don’t try and place a trade out of fear instead of a rational reason.

Develop Better Intuition in Trading

Do you believe in intuition? Certainly, analytical hypnosis asks people to put aside their conscious rational thoughts to tap into their intuition where the answers they seek usually lie.

I love helping people to tap into this side of their mind as when you work intuitively in combination with strategic plans and analysis you are a sharped more successful trader.

Overcome Fear of Taking Risks in Trading

Fear and anxiety can stop you from taking risks and that can hamper your ability to make as much money as you want.

Trading is all about risk. Understanding how much of it you can afford to take and when vs the returns or losses that you might make is a constant juggling act.

I often help traders who feel paralysed by inaction to take action but in an intelligent measured way.

Increase Ability To Learn From Mistakes in Trading

We all make mistakes that is a simple fact of life. The problems come when you make a mistake and you find it difficult to bounce back from it or you don’t learn the lessons from what you did wrong.

I help my clients to examine their mistakes positively and treat them as a learning experience that will help them improve on what they do.

In fact plenty of the most successful people in the world have only got to where they are by failing first. It doesn’t have to be a negative but an experience that helps you to thrive and grow.

Develop a Better Understanding of Market Psychology

Even when the technical indicators seem to suggest that it is time to get in or out of a trade because a level has been breached what you want to happen doesn’t always occur. This is because the market can have a different viewpoint.

Learning to use your intuition as well as building relationships with others can help you to tap into this sentiment so you make better choices. This might be placing a trade or sometimes staying out of the market completely.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome Related to Trading

You may have all the skills, knowledge and intelligence necessary to trade but if you don’t believe you are as good as other people it creates doubt which can hold you back.

Imposter syndrome is created from past events where you may have failed or been told that you weren’t good enough. However, these things usually happen in childhood and you are a very different person now than you were when you were young.

Trading hypnosis helps you to overcome these unhelpful thoughts and use your current capabilities to break free from past negative thinking so you meet your goals.

Improve Overall Mental and Emotional Well-Being With Hypnosis For Better Trading Outcomes

Your ability to perform well as a trader isn’t just based on your knowledge but also on your mental and emotional well-being as well.

If you are stressed, angry, upset, or tired your performance will suffer. Trading hypnosis doesn’t just work with you to help you trade better but to help your general wellness as well.

In my client sessions, I assess not only the presenting problem but any additional areas of concern as well to get better results. When you are calmer and well-rested it is always easier to make better decisions that can make you more money.

Help to Ignore The Braggers and Boasters

Finally, trading hypnosis can be used to help traders to stop paying attention to other traders who brag and boast about their success.

Social media has created a raft of channels and websites devoted to people showing off their trading success. However very often these accounts are there to take your money by offering to sell you their techniques.

When the veneer of these social media sites is stripped many you will see that many of these people don’t have the skills or knowledge they are advertising.

I help my clients to focus on themselves and their wins and not what others are doing. This helps them to avoid the very worst of the trading world so they can concentrate on themselves.

Booking Trading Hypnosis Sessions

If you want to work with a hypnotherapist and coach who specializes in trading hypnosis then do get in touch using the form below. Remember that hypnosis for trading can be a useful tool for improving trading performance but it’s not a substitute for sound trading strategies, risk management, and market analysis. I like to ensure my clients use everything at their disposal to get results as this is what will help you get long-term success.

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