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10 Weekly Habits for Success

Are you doing everything you can to make your life run more smoothly? Have you thought about the actions that you can every week and how they might impact your physical and your mental health? Well if you haven’t then take a look at our list of 10 weekly habits that can set you up for success.

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Good Personal Habits

Yes, we can all live our lives in a haphazard way and lurch from one crisis to another but living without a plan or structure takes its toll. There is no need to make things harder for yourself when all you need to do is take the time to put in place some weekly habits to make your life run smoother and increase your personal happiness.

When we are busy we often don’t take the time to take a step back and consider creating some simple changes to our routines to make things easier. Yet the very act of taking some time out and coming up with a better plan can make all the difference. In fact, it can give us back more time, improve our moods and make us feel healthier.

Weekly Habits to Track

We have come up with a list of 10 things which we believe can help you to lead a better life. Whilst these weekly habits are our choices based on years of experience helping our clients feel better about themselves you can, of course, alter these to suit your particular needs.

Before starting on any weekly habit change we do recommend that you start to monitor and note down what you are doing so that you become more mindful about the impact of your actions. We highly recommend the Clever Fox Weekly and Monthly planner as a method to help you keep track of what you are doing. This is the perfect system to help you learn to be more organized and reach your goals. Use yours to maintain your focus and stay on track.

If you want a system that allows you to look at things at a glance then the Lamare Weekly Planner Pad is a great solution as well. This has 52 pages that you last you for an entire year and can help you to keep track of your habits.

Healthy Weekly Habits

So what weekly goals and habits should you be aiming for over the coming months? Our list covers some simple things that you can do to help your health and happiness. If you find the list too overwhelming start by tackling one area first and then moving on to the others.

Plan and Prepare

Many of our client’s problems with stress and worry are not caused by external factors but in fact by their own problems with disorganisation and failure to plan. This means that when they start the week they are firefighting and spending half their time reacting to problems rather than having a well laid out plan.

It is so simple to sit down for an hour a week and think about what you have coming up over the following 7 days. What do you need to eat? How much time are you going to spend at work? What activities are essential and what do you need to make those happen? When you know what you need to do you can then spend a little time making sure you have everything you need ready to go.

The fridge can be stocked with healthy nutritious foods and meal plans made. Washing can be done and clothes ready for your weekly activities. Gas can be in the car, childcare sorted, cleaning done and so on. This means that you start your week ready to go rather than always playing catch up. This will do wonders for your stress levels.

Martha Stewart’s Organizing is a manual for bringing order into your life. Learn to simplify your life with her tips and strategies.

Set Goals

You are never going to achieve what you want in life if you don’t set yourself some goals. These don’t have to be big huge ones that take years to accomplish instead they can be simple ones that you feel that you can achieve in a shorter time frame.

Some of your goals may be relatively simple such as eat healthier food or spend more time with your family. Others maybe a little more complicated such as applying for new jobs or learning a new language.

Think about the things that you can do as part of your weekly habits list that are going to help you reach those goals. Write them down in your planner and schedule time for you to take action. When you systematically start to tick off each action point you are bringing yourself closer to success.

Get Good Sleep

If there is one thing that most of our clients could do more of it is sleep. Over the last twenty years or so the world has become more connected. This is great if you want to reach people more easily or chat with your friends but terrible for creating work boundaries and using electronic devices late at night.

Hands up if you are one of those people who use your mobile phone in bed. You certainly won’t be the only one as people have become more used to sending and receiving emails late at night, playing computer games or watching TikTok videos late at night. The only problem is that has a hugely detrimental impact on your sleep. Clearly stepping away from electronic devices late at night is going to help plus getting yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses when you have to go online can help.

As well as changing your online habits resolve to create a better bedtime routine by going to bed and getting up at similar times each day. If you find that your busy life makes it hard for your brain to switch off at night use our guided meditation for sleep to help you get a better nights sleep.

Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia

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Take Time to Exercise

When you are starting to build weekly habits make sure that finding time for exercise is included. It can be very easy to allow everything else in your life to take over so that you totally neglect yourself. Make sure this doesn’t happen by scheduling in time in your diary or planner for regular exercise.

Moving your body is essential if you are to keep yourself fit and healthy. Plus if you do it outdoors you can get the benefit of some fresh air and vitamin d from the sunshine.

If you are restricted to working out indoors then find something simple and easy to do. This Yosuda exercise bike comes with an iPad mount. All you need to do is pick and program and start to pedal. There are so many apps now that you can use to help you make your exercise more enjoyable.

Stay on Top of Cleaning and Tidying

If you live in a messy unorganised environment everything is going to be harder. You are going to find it more difficult to find things, the mess can be depressing and it won’t be long before you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Make the time to do one big declutter. You can learn how to get motivation for decluttering in our article which can help. Once you have the mess under control then learn to tidy and clean regularly so you never let it get out of control again.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult if you take the time to do a short blitz of your home every day. Mrs Hinch is the queen of cleaning and had a great book called Hinch Yourself Happy to show you what to do. Whilst you might not get your home gleaming to her amazing standards hopefully it will be tidy and organised enough to allow you to feel more relaxed.

Positive Habits Include Stress Reduction

We could all do with a little less stress in our lives. It seems that our modern lives are more stressful than ever. Our clients have to deal with long hours at work and jobs which seem to follow them home in the evening. If they have children there is pressure on them to be successful and do a huge number of extracurricular activities.  They put pressure on themselves to look good, weigh less and live in the perfect home whilst juggling a full-time career and managing a house. Something eventually will give.

If you are living your life at 100 miles an hour then it will only take one incident to push your stress levels through the roof. An illness, a financial difficulty, a failure or job loss can be the catalyst for all that stress to become overwhelming and give you sleepless nights.

So if you do one thing in your weekly habits list is to find space to reduce your stress levels. Leave work a little earlier, drop some of your non-essential activities, find ways to claw back some time to prevent stress taking over. Listen to our stress reduction hypnosis download and switch off for half an hour as you not only deserve it you need it to function at your best.

self hypnosis relaxation and stress reduction

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Take Time Out for Self-Care

As part of your stress reduction program make sure that you find time for self-care. In other words time for yourself where you only have to look after yourself and care for your needs rather than everyone else.

We regularly see clients who spend their whole lives taking care of other people. In fact, they spend so much time looking after them that they forget to care for themselves. This leaves them burnt out and unhappy. Finding time to do the things you love and to take a little time out for yourself is essential for your mental health.

Read our Tips for Self-Care and start to take find that crucial time for yourself and use this Listify Journal to help you on your way to feeling calmer and happier.

Eat Mindfully

At any one time, 45 million Americans are on a diet at any one time. In the UK it is estimated that two-thirds of women are on a diet most of the time. The diet industry has a lot to answer for!

Diets don’t work. Yes, of course, people lose weight in the short term but in the longer term, they usually put all their weight back on again plus some extra pounds. People spend their lives yo-yo dieting and getting fatter. If you are one of these people make it your new weekly habit to stop dieting and start eating mindfully.

Mindful or intuitive eating helps you to start to pay attention to what you are eating and separate your hunger levels from your emotional eating. When you take the time out to do it properly it can transform your relationship with food. By tackling the underlying emotional reasons for your eating you start to lose the desire to overeat without one faddy diet.

Evelyn Triboles book on Intuitive Eating is considered the bible on the subject so this is a great place to start. We have a list of mindful eating resources you can use plus you can use our mindful eating worksheets and trackers to help you stop dieting and eat in a more balanced way.

Mindful Eating Worksheets

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Track your Expenses and Create Financial Goals

As part of your new weekly habits start to take the time to track your expenses and create financial goals. It can be incredibly easy to spend money without even realising it. A coffee when you are shopping, a few extras in your supermarket trolley or internet shopping in the evening can soon start to increase your weekly expenses.

Be more mindful of what you are spending and start to cut back on items that are totally non-essential and which aren’t helping you reach other financial goals. As an example, one of our clients was spending hundreds of dollars each month on her wine habit. This was a woman who was convinced she had barely enough to live on when in fact she had plenty of money but it was being frittered away.

When you start to put some of that money to one side it’s amazing how it mounts up. Use it for a holiday, a new car or house or even savings in case of a rainy day. Once you start being stricter with your spending you’ll wonder what you ever spent all the money on anyway.

The Clever Fox Planner which we mentioned right at the beginning of this article can help you to do this.

Review and Track

Finally last but not least your weekly habits should include a time for reflection and a review of what has worked and what you need to change. Not everything is going to go to plan straight away and that is perfectly ok providing you take the time out to note what’s not working and create an alternative resolution.

We are all a work in progress and that means there is no need to be perfect. However, taking some steps in the right direction will certainly help your physical and mental health.

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